Problem Solver!!!


Gurovich is an extremely professional and intelligent attorney who took our uneasy, problematic, and challenging case and pulled our family out of hell. This gentleman has the skill set, the experience, the attitude, the determination, and the commitment to resolve any case that he takes on. Hire him, and when he solves all of your problems, you will understand what I am talking about.

A Literal Life Saver


I don’t usually write reviews online for anything other than food and products I buy on Amazon. However, I am happy to take the time to leave this review for Gurovich, Berk & Associates, namely Dmitry Gurovich.

We hired Dmitry to help with a family members’ criminal case being seen in the Van Nuys Courthouse. I am certain that if we had not enlisted him to help with our case, our family member would be being hauled off to prison right now for many years. He worked his magic and thankfully, this is not the case. What a blessing!

Throughout the entire process, he kept us informed and educated as to what was going on and what was going to happen next. We were never in the dark, which was very comforting for myself and the rest of the family. It was obvious he was a master of his craft and knew exactly how to do his job in the courtroom and for us as his clients.

I could not help but compare him to other lawyers I saw over the many days we were visiting the courthouse. Without a doubt, I would hire him again in the future. I also would not hesitate to recommend/refer him to anyone I know needing the help of a criminal defense attorney.



He helped me out so much. He was able to represent me so well, that I got out of the case scott free! I can’t say what happened, since I signed a confidentiality agreement, but I can assure you he is great. If I ever need a lawyer again, I know who to call!

A+ Attorney


A+ experience and outstanding service. Elon explained all of the details of criminal case and the documents from court. He explained all of my options during the thing from start to finish.

DUI be Gone!


Elon was my lawyer for my DUI case recently and he did a fantastic job. I was expecting the worse but he was able to work with Johnny Law in order for me to keep my license.

I hope nothing happens to me again but if it does then I am contracting Elon again.
He was very professional and knowledgeable. He was pretty easy to get in touch with and when he was not available his secretary would always make sure that he would follow up with me at the most in a couple hours.

Even though it was only a DUI and something minor I still felt like I got the Presidential treatment from Elon. He is a great guy and I recommend his services to anyone in the unfortunate position of being on the other side of the law.

Thank You!!!


Elon is the best criminal defense attorney and is in a class all of his own.
His strategies are impeccable and the jury was captivated by his speeches. He researched previous cases which in the long term really swayed favor back over to me. Elon painted an amazing picture and at the end of the day mercy was shown upon me. Elon Berk is the attorney you have to have in a Federal case and I highly recommend his services. He is truly one of the more talented lawyers out there now.
Thanks again, Elon.

Dmitry and Elon are The Best of The Best


Dmitry and Elon are the County’s top criminal lawyers here in Los Angeles. Though my case lasted a little bit longer than usual and was very hard on my family at the end of the day Elon was able to get it dismissed which, is a rarity nowadays. They came highly recommended and I see why. They were professionally at the top of their game and always one step ahead of the prosecution.
On a personal level though, they are very friendly and great company to keep since, they can carry on a conversation on almost anything. They are all around genuine good guys that just want to see happy families. Gentlemen, thank you again.

The Best (A Thank You from Your Friend)


Elon, Dmitry- thank you again so very much.
I made a few mistakes in my new marijuana business. We all make mistakes. The MMD is a cash only industry and I am a simple farmer basically. Mistakes were financially made yet, Dmitry and Elon were able to find gaps in the offense and mistakes in the case.
Long story short, I am still helping patients today in the Valley.
I have them as my house lawyers with a retainer fee… so yes. I highly recommend them.
Thank you again, gentlemen.

Great criminal lawyer


Mr. Berk was very kind to me while he was taking care of my case. He was very responsive and returned all of my phone calls. I highly recommend him.