Gurovich, Berk & Associates is a partnership of Los Angeles criminal law lawyers with over 35 years of combined experience handling criminal defense cases. Elon Berk has been practicing Criminal Law for over 15 years and Dmitry Gurovich has practiced for over 20 years.

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What Drives Our Los Angeles Law Firm to Focus Beyond Criminal Defense Law

Criminal defense gives us great satisfaction in that we truly assist families in need. With criminal cases, the consequences of criminal matters where there is poor representation can lead to life-changing results. Quality representation, on the other hand, leads to making a lasting difference in someone’s life, and his or her family as well.

Both have roots in the former Soviet Union where personal rights did not exist and the government went unchecked. The government would trample over personal rights routinely, and the need to protect individual freedom has been passed to us from our parents.

Therefore, our law firm’s focus is twofold. The first is the gratification that we receive when we help someone, and the second is keeping the government in check. As Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys, our role is to make sure that the government, whether it is law enforcement or the prosecution, plays by the rules and does not violate those important rights that we all have.

Are you overcharged in criminal defense case?

Making a difference in the client’s life is very important to us regardless of whether it is a simple case such as a DUI, or a more complex one. With DUIs, many times, we’re able to help the client maintain his or her occupation, simply because they can continue driving and provide for their family. In very complex and serious cases, often, we are able to show that our client did not do what he or she is being accused of, or did only some of the things, or that the Government has overcharged our client, and therefore we are able to either modify or dismiss the case.

Frequently, we have parents come into our law office and their children are struggling with drug abuse. As a result, the children have committed crimes such as burglary, theft, even assault with deadly weapons, in addition to drug crimes. We are able to assist the family and our client not only with dealing with the criminal charges, but by going beyond that. We use the resources that we have gained throughout the years to assist the client in overcoming their addiction.

Our law firm puts the clients first and we work every case as if it is our own. We are able to make differences which lead to positive results in people’s lives. We ensure that our clients are always involved in their case, and they truly appreciate our efforts.

Clients We Have Helped in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles criminal defense law firm handled a case where three defendants were indicted on a Medicaid fraud scheme out of Arizona. Once they were arrested and were aware of the charges pending, we retained our investigator and had long meetings to figure out exactly how we were going to defend this case. The decision was to start by interviewing witnesses, which our experienced investigators found, who knew anything about this case. We reviewed all of the statements, met with our clients, sifted through tons of paperwork, and at the end had the entire indictment dismissed, without even going to trial.

Another example was when we represented a gentleman who was involved in an ‘assault with a deadly weapon’ type of crime at a gas station. He was charged with beating the gas station attendant with a baseball bat. Based on our investigation, we found a number of witnesses who contradicted the alleged victim’s story and raised enough doubt that the prosecution dismissed the case entirely.

Recently, we handled a case in which a woman was arrested. She was a nurse and had planned to become a nurse practitioner. She walked into Target and did not pay for around $300-$400 worth of items, and was then arrested. As this type of crime is a more interpretive crime, it would have negative effects on her nursing license. After several meetings with the head prosecutor of the city attorney’s office at the Airport Courthouse, we were able to get diversionary program for her. She did five days of community service and the case was dismissed.

Most Common Criminal Cases in CA

Gurovich, Berk & Associates mostly handles white-collar crime, which is a substantial part of our practice. These are generally insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, and cases against the government such as tax fraud, health care fraud or welfare fraud.

We have also handled many other types of frauds such as Ponzi schemes and credit card fraud (both simple cases and complex cases) involving groups of people or rings involved with manufacturing credit and ATM cards, as well as using false identities to obtain bank loans and purchase expensive items. A recent case, the first of its kind in the State of Indiana, involved our client being caught with a Bluetooth wireless skimming device. The device would download credit card information, ZIP code, PIN, and other personal information of people using gas pumps.

We have handled many cases involving violent crimes, domestic violence, battery, assault with deadly weapon, murder, and homicides. Our law firm also handles misdemeanors such as petty theft, shoplifting, DUI, hit and run, and property crimes such as burglary, both commercial and residential.

Making the Legal Process Easier

In our criminal defense experience, we find that for most clients this is the first time they are facing such an experience. They come to our law office scared and confused. Clients need professional guidance to navigate through the entire process. It is new to everyone. The experience is very stressful and causes other unintended consequences in their family life. We take the time to explain to each client what their case is about, what the defenses are, what the government has to prove and the general criminal process. Involving our clients in the case, since they know their case the best, becomes an integral part of our criminal defense team.

Once the client is aware of what is happening, what the next step is, and what we need to do, it puts them at ease with the knowledge of every step that is being covered, and that we are working towards the best possible outcome. The saying “Knowledge is power,” is true. By creating a relationship with the client, he or she gains control of their case which helps puts them at ease. They know that every option which has been discussed is being pursued and the outcome of the case will be the best possible whether it is a dismissal, diversion, or a reduction of charges.

Legal Methods Used

Most people are aware that they have certain rights that protect from unreasonable Government intrusion, rights against unreasonable search and seizure, rights against self-incrimination, and a right to have a criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, government agents, whether it is State or Federal law enforcement, as well as prosecutors sometimes fail to take the appropriate steps to protect such rights.

We conduct a thorough analysis of every case with respect to our client’s constitutional rights. The law is such that if a client’s rights are violated, whatever was gained from that violation would be excluded from the case. If a person made a statement to authorities and was not read the Miranda rights, that statement can be excluded and make a considerable difference in the outcome of the case.

The analysis is studied and our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys review the police reports and witness statements. We then interview our client. Frequently, what our client says occurred, is not reflected in the police report. If necessary, we investigate further in order to bring discrepancies to light. Research of the latest case law dealing with specific violations is made and, if needed, we will file the appropriate motions. If those motions are granted, they either lead to a complete dismissal, or it is such a blow to the prosecution that there is a serious reduction of charges.

Call Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers For a Free Consultation

We are a small firm and that allows us to provide the client exceptional service and value. Over the years, our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have had an opportunity to meet some exceptional private investigators and experts in different areas of the law, whether it is a weapons expert, an accident reconstruction expert, or medical expert. We have formed relationships where, regardless of the type of case which a client may be facing, our team has proved its expertise.

At the same time, only the partners, Elon Berk and Dmitry Gurovich, handle cases. We do not have junior associates to handle cases. Our business is based on referrals and our clients expect us to handle their case personally. This means that at every substantive court appearance and meeting with the prosecutor, it is the partner with years of experience and skill who is negotiating that particular case.

In addition, we are always available to our clients. Our clients usually have our cell phone numbers and they have an office number which has a 24 hours answering service. We do not have any voice mail. There is always a live person who answers the phone and is able to connect you to either Elon or Dmitry. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that someone is always on hand to answer their questions or take their call.

If you have been accused or charged of a crime in Southern California, call the Los Angeles defense attorneys at Gurovich, Berk & Associates for immediate assistance at (213)-385-1555.