Law Firm Partners Dmitry Gurovich and Elon Berk have represented clients in nearly 100 Federal cases nationwide and hundreds in California state courts. For them, winning and getting their clients the very best results is everything. Because of their expertise, perseverance, determination and willingness to go “the extra mile” for their clients, Dmitry and Elon are proud to talk about their countless outright dismissals, not guilty verdicts and truly amazing plea agreements, many in very difficult and seemingly impossible situations.

They have 43 years of combined criminal defense experience (24 years for Dmitry and 19 for Elon). Their practice is, and has always been, exclusively criminal defense.

Both are well known nationally for their perseverance, determination and tenacity on behalf of their clients.

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Just a few examples of their recent successes include:

Charges: Client charged in Federal Court with black market pharmaceutical diversion fraud.
Result: Client pleaded guilty to conspiracy with a loss amount range from $7 million to $20 million. At sentencing judge overruled the government’s recommendation and gave our client probation.

Charges: Client facing multiple counts of felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Child Endangerment and Hit and Run with Great Bodily Injury. Former attorney managed to negotiate a 7 years state prison offer.
Result: After some very hard fought negotiations, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the felonies, settle for misdemeanors and 45 days of community service. No jail time.

Charges: Client facing numerous felony Child Abuse charges and a very long prison sentence if convicted. We showed the child was not actually abused, but may have Brittle Bone Syndrome.
At trial the prosecution presented evidence that the 3-month old victim suffered 7 fractured ribs in various stages of healing, a fractured elbow, a severe skull fracture, retinal bleeding and a subdural hematoma, also known as bleeding in the brain. After a two-week jury trial, our client was acquitted on all felony abuse counts.
Result: Not guilty after two week trial.

Charges: Client facing accusations of Domestic Violence against a very well-known heavyweight boxer (who on several occasions had fought for the world title). We successfully argued (and proved) that the photographs of the “victim’s” injuries were in fact photoshopped and we proved that the “victim” outright lied on witness stand.
Result: Not Guilty.

Charges: Client accused of several counts of Commercial Burglary. We successfully proved that our client had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged crime.
Result: Not guilty.

Charges: Our client was allegedly involved in massive Federal Fraud case involving employees of foreign government’s consulate. He allegedly assisted in forging what looked like official foreign government documents in order to get around U.S. immigration laws and also others that were scheduled to be deported to remain in the U.S. (illegally).
Result: A plea to a non-moral turpitude violation and No Jail.

Charges: Client’s family came to us looking to help their college student daughter who was already on 24 hours a day house arrest while her Federal Healthcare Fraud case was still pending. First thing we did was get the court to agree to allow her to be out of the house during the day. Three months later we did what looked to impossible.
Result: Entire case dismissed.

Charges: Federal charges were filed and our client was arrested as he was allegedly a key player in a sophisticated international identity theft and credit card scheme.
Result:  We were able to immediately secure a “time served” sentence. Interestingly, other defendants in the same case received lengthy prison terms.

Charges: Prior to the legalization of recreational sale and use of marijuana, our client was arrested while aboard a private aircraft with 13 pounds of marijuana.
Result: Prior to the preliminary hearing the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office dismissed the charges in light of the strong defense our firm was able to produce. Great news, but what happened next was quite perplexing and unexpected. The judge refused to return the (legal) marijuana to our client. We filed a very strongly worded write to the Court of Appeals.
Result: The trial judge was ordered to return the (legal) marijuana to our client.

Charges: Our client was charged with sexual battery resulting from his alleged inappropriate touching of this girlfriend’s granddaughter. If convicted, this charge carries a lifetime sex offender registration requirement.
Result: We got the charges reduced to simple battery with Community Service and informal probation.

Charges: Client was arrested for possession of child pornography due to an alert to law enforcement from Skype, facing very serious consequences.
Result: Charges never filed.

Charges: Our clients owned a nationwide business selling installing solar home systems and were charged with contracting without a license, grand theft and else abuse. Besides the significant criminal exposure of the felony charges, our clients were facing crippling civil liability had they pleaded guilty to contracting without a license. After a very difficult year-long litigation, the prosecution agreed to a plea of attempted grand theft.
Result: Probation, 180 days of house arrest, and the company (with 40 employees) was able to stay in business.

Charges: Our Client was charged with Welfare Fraud of over $180,000. Litigation lasted 8 years.
Result: Probation and a $40,000 fine.

Charges: Our client was charged with possession of an illegal assault rifle. We provided to the District Attorney that the modifications to the weapon were, in fact, perfectly legal and the rifle met all of California’s strict guidelines.
Result: Case Dismissed.

Charge: Our Client was charged with sexual battery due to an incident where he pretended to sleep next to a woman while in a spa. Allegedly placed his hand under her robe and on her vagina. The entire incident was recorded via the spa’s security system.
Result: charges reduced to a simple battery, no sex offender registration, informal probation and he was not subject to deportation.

Charges: Client was involved in international shipping of marijuana.
Result: No jail time and charges reduced to a misdemeanor.

Charges: Our Client charged with trafficking over 400 pounds of marijuana.
Result: Charges remained in State Court (rather than Federal Court) with only community service and probation.

Charges: Our Client was charged with Domestic Violence against his girlfriend.  We presented mitigating evidence.
Result: Case dismissed on the day of Trial.

Charges: Our Client was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon resulting from his alleged intimidation wit a gun of his neighbor.
Result: No charges filed.

Charges: Our Client was served with Federal Grand Jury Subpoena in connection with his medical diagnostic facility. After lengthy discussions with the U.S. Attorneys we were informed that our Client was the target of a Healthcare Fraud investigation.
Result: No charges filed.

Charges: Our client was charged with Insurance Fraud (getting auto insurance after the accident occurred and lying to the carrier as to the date of the accident in order to secure coverage.
Result: Charges reduced to misdemeanor and probation, which was subsequently terminated and the case was expunged.

Charges: Our client was facing a massive auto insurance fraud investigation. Client was office manager for a law firm that practiced in personal injury cases from auto accidents.
Result: Pleaded to an amended count of “compounding of a crime” which was reduced to a misdemeanor and later expunged. No jail.

Charges: Our client was facing Assault with a Deadly Weapon for allegedly threatening with gun his wife and daughter. Client is a firearms collector. The police quickly responded, arrested him and seized all of his weapons. We were able to piece together several cell phone videos that the alleged victims sent to others, which exonerated our client:
Result: No case filed.

Charges: Our clients, Owners of daycare facility charged with fraud alleging they helped defraud Los Angeles County of more than $230,000. Matter was litigated for over a year.
Result: Probation and No jail.

Charges: Our client was the owner of pharmacy that was the target of a Federal investigation. We retained industry experts and were able to show the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office that they could not prove any wrongdoing.
Result: Case never filed.

Charges: In Federal Court our client was changed with Bank Fraud. It was alleged he was an integral member of a conspiracy which netted millions of dollars.
Result: At sentencing we were able to convince the judge that because of his age (a very young client) our client deserved a second chance. Sentenced to a year + a day in Federal Custody as opposed the the many years imposed on other co-defendants.

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