What It Means If You Are Arrested on Assault Charges

Assault is commonly termed with battery and it brings up images of bar fights and brawls, but the terms actually have two separate legal meanings. In brief, an assault is an attempt or threat to injure a victim, while battery would be physically contacting the victim in a harmful or offensive manner. For the purposes […]

Understanding Gun Crime Basics

The right to bear arms is a heated and highly politicized issue within the United States and although we might frequently hear about gun crime, you might not know what defenses are available to you if you are ever charged with a gun offense. Gun Law Basics The laws governing guns in the United States […]

What Defenses Are Available If You Are Charged with a Drug Offense?

With more and more drugs being legalized throughout the Unites States, you might think that drug crime offenses would be on the decrease, however, they are not. Drug use is soaring and many people are being found in possession of illegal drugs. Charged with Possession If you are charged with possession of drugs, either for […]

Takata Pleas Guilty in Fraud Case, Agrees on $1B Penalty

Late last month, Takata Corp., a Japanese auto parts maker, pleaded guilty to fraud charges and agreed to pay approximately $1 billion in penalties after it was determined that the company concealed air bag defects that resulted in at least 16 deaths, most of which occurred in the United States. By entering the guilty plea, […]

What Gives Cops Reasonable Suspicion to Pull me over?

DUI: What Gives Cops Reasonable Suspicion to Pull Me Over? There are only two things that give a police officer the right to stop you if they suspect you have been driving under the influence: 1. The police officer observes you commit a traffic violation (i.e. you ran a red light), or 2. They observe […]

Police Believe Prescription Drugs to Blame for Fatal DUI Accident

A woman was arrested on suspected driving under the influence (DUI) charges last month after she ran a red light, crossed into the oncoming lane and struck another vehicle, killing the other driver. According to police, the victim’s car was in the process of turning when it collided with the wrong-way driver. The force of […]

California DA Drops DUI Charge in Case Involving Man Who Tested Positive for Caffeine

In late December, a California district attorney announced that a DUI charge had been dropped in a case involving a man who tested positive for caffeine after a traffic stop. According to court documents, the man was initially pulled over on Interstate 680 after an officer witnessed him weaving through traffic, nearly causing several collisions. […]

Lawmaker Gets New Court Date in Domestic Violence, Weapons Case

Last month, a South Carolina judge set new court dates in a case involving Rep. Chris Corley, who stands accused of a number of felony weapons and domestic violence charges. Corley was charged after a Dec. 26 incident at his family home, where he allegedly beat his wife before pointing a gun at her in […]

Intricacies of Assault Charges

It is not uncommon for someone to be charged with assault. An assault is an “attempted application of force.” This distinguishes an assault from its common counterpart: battery. Battery is a different crime and is the actual use of force or violence against someone else. These crimes are frequently confused but it is important to […]

Recreational Marijuana Bill Could Impact California Drug DUI Laws

With an election around the corner, California is preparing for a vote on Proposition 64 that could significantly impact drug-related DUI cases. Currently, Californians cannot legally possess, transport, or use marijuana for recreational purposes. Proposition 64 seeks to change that by legalizing recreational marijuana. According to the Proposition, marijuana sales will be taxed at a […]