Suspended New Jersey Police Officer Receives Not Guilty Verdict in Drug Case

- Dmitry Gurovich

A police officer out of East Orange, New Jersey, who had been accused of running a drug dealing operation from her home, was cleared of all charges in Superior Court earlier this month.

According to court documents, Rajheher Massenburg faced charges of official misconduct and conspiracy to distribute drugs, after being indicted in 2014. Authorities had initially connected Massenburg to the father of her children, Andrew Jones, who allegedly sold narcotics to undercover detectives in 2013.

Massenberg pleaded not guilty to all charges, adding that she believed herself to be the target of retaliatory efforts stemming from her filing of a lawsuit against East Orange’s police department. Despite facing a five-year mandatory sentence without the opportunity for parole, Massenberg rejected plea deals and elected to take her case straight to trial.

Though Massenberg was suspended without pay as of her arrest in 2014, she confirmed that she is seeking to return to the East Orange police force. Prior to her case, Massenberg was a member of the East Orange Police Department for 11 years, after joining back in 2003.

Drug Crime Defense

If you stand accused of a drug-related crime, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and are entitled to your day in court, where your elected counsel can defend your rights and innocence under law.

Like many cities across the country, Los Angeles sees a high number of drug crimes, ranging from simple possession of a controlled substance to the trafficking, sale or transportation of narcotics. Typically, these cases involve drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, oxycodone, or oxycontin, but may also involve drugs like marijuana or other prescription medications, including painkillers.

When it comes to assessing penalties for drug-related crimes, this may range from probation or drug court to incarceration in county or state prison. However, under Penal Code 1000 and Prop 36 in California, there is something known as deferred entry of judgment, which are diversionary programs that, if completed successfully, will prompt the dismissal of drug charges.

Oftentimes, the law will allow first offenders the opportunity to rehabilitate, with the goal that they will not return to the system. As a result, first offenders typically receive lower or minimal sentences if found guilty of any charges.

Enlisting the Guidance of a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love has been arrested in relation to a drug crime, or if you are facing drug-related charges, the most important thing you need to do is seek the appropriate legal counsel immediately. Only a criminal defense attorney can assess the legality of your apprehension, including the collection of any and all evidence, especially if a warrant was not involved.

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Regardless of your state or situation, our firm can provide the legal expertise you need as you fight the charges against you.

In addition to handling drug-related cases, our attorneys also specialize in handling defense related to theft, gun crime, domestic violence or white-collar crimes.

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