Suspect Arrested for Alleged Serial Assault of Homeless People

- Dmitry Gurovich

California has a history of criminal cases coupled with severe mental health cases. Just recently, San Diego police arrested a male suspect and charged him with various assaults allegedly inflicted on homeless people on different dates in July. Tagged as a “serial killer” in a string of attacks on homeless persons in the city, the accused reportedly has a criminal record of arrests and mental competency hearings, convincing law enforcers of the resolution of the series of previous unsolved assaults.

Basis of Assault Arrest

Police arrested the male suspect who was in the vicinity of a wounded victim. The victim was crying out in pain after an unknown assailant allegedly attacked him. Law enforcers maintained that the suspect bore a resemblance to a police cartographic sketch of the alleged serial killer. They also point to a prior criminal record for incidents that involved the same type of violent attack on the other victims in July.

Only recently, police also arrested another male suspect who they said closely resembled the police sketch of the serial killer. Police have not mentioned the type of weapon used in all the attacks and whether they have recovered the weapon.

Criminal Defense for Assault Charge

Every person charged with assault is entitled to criminal defenses appropriate to their situation. Assault with a weapon is a serious crime that may be punished with prison terms of up to ten years. The prosecution bears the burden of proving the guilt of the accused person by presenting evidence that the accused committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Possible Defenses against a Charge for Assault Include:

  • Lack of positive identification of the accused
  • Insufficient evidence proving that the accused committed the crime
  • Insanity
  • Self defense

It’s crucial to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney before making any statements to police or to investigators. Your assault attorney can examine the charges against you, weigh the prosecution’s evidence, and determine all favorable defenses that can be found in your situation.

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