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White collar crimes usually involve financial issues. They include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, identity theft, and other similar offenses.

Complexity of White Collar Crimes IN ca

White collar crimes can be as simple as an employee from a small company embezzling funds, up to a major type of a white collar scheme, such as a Ponzi scheme. They may also include a health care fraud scheme where a person or a group of people defraud the U.S. Government by illegally billing for services that were not rendered or were not medically necessary for the treatment or evaluation of a patient.

Usually these cases are very paper-intensive as well as interview-intensive. Defense in such cases involves interviewing multiple people and often includes analyzing up to 2 or 3 terabytes of information, and sometimes more.

Need For a lOS ANGELES White Collar Crimes Attorney if Pleading Guilty

A person accused of a crime of this nature, should never plead guilty unless all evidence has been properly examined and analyzed by an attorney who is experienced in this field. Cases may have errors in the way a search warrant was obtained, an arrest was made, how evidence was obtained, and how witnesses were interviewed. There may be problems with certain conclusions contained in the documentation which the Government relies upon in their case. There may also be flaws with the statistical analysis, or loss amounts may be exaggerated. In addition, many other issues may be involved in white collar cases. Pleading guilty should only be done after the case has been thoroughly examined and analyzed by an experienced attorney; only after a conclusion has been made that pleading guilty is the proper solution; and only when the attorney negotiates a plea bargain. You need an attorney to represent your interests and guide you to a decision that will least impact your life.

In the criminal realm, especially when it comes to white collar crime, if it seems as if a crime has been committed when you initially look at the paperwork, it does not necessarily mean that a crime has actually been committed. It is imperative to analyze each piece of information before a determination may be made.

Another factor to consider is that if the evidence points to a client being guilty, we need to determine exactly what crime they are guilty of committing. A client may not be guilty of every charge that is being made, and pleading guilty without the help of an attorney will mean they are at the mercy of the court.

How We Have Helped IN lOS angeles in White Collar Crimes case

Our Los Angeles White Collar Crime attorney’s analysis has led to the dismissal of many Federal and State cases in the past. We once had a whole team of FBI agents at our offices claiming that our client, a pharmacy, was involved in healthcare fraud. We analyzed the documents, interviewed witnesses, consulted experts and proved to the agents that they had the wrong entity. As a result, the case that they were very sure of was never filed.

In another instance, an employee of a business was accused, together with others, of defrauding the government. She was under house arrest 23 hours a day, and had a public defender for approximately a year before her family hired our firm.  We immediately went to court and modified her confinement so that she could be out during the entire day. Next, we conducted our own investigation and convinced the Federal prosecutors to dismiss the case against our client. We are very happy to say that she is now married and has a beautiful daughter.

Choosing the Best White Collar Crimes Attorney in Los angeles

There are a many qualified and caring attorneys in our city. The key is to find the attorney who is the best fit for you as the client. Aside from formal qualifications, you need to engage someone who makes you feel confident that they have your best interests in mind.

White collar crime defenses can take a long time to develop, and a client will need to form a close relationship with his or her respective attorney for the next one, two, or even three years. There has to be a very good and strong working relationship between the client and the attorney.

Our Experience in White Collar Crimes

Our law firm is highly experienced in white collar cases, from State to Federal cases in California, and in other states coast to coast. Since there is so much information that will need to be analyzed, our demonstrated expertise and focus is invaluable.

This is Dmitry Gurovich’s 21st year and Elon Berk’s 16th year of handling criminal defense matters. Throughout this time, a substantial part of our practice has involved white collar crime, and we have built a professional team of experts in this field. As well, we have excellent investigators and industry experts whom we use in these types of cases.

Usually, we conduct our own independent investigations separate from the authorities. We search out our own witnesses and our own experts. Because of our experience and the results which we have achieved in the past, we are being retained by clients from all over the country. In fact, we have cases in Puerto Rico, Florida, New York, Texas, Indiana, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Choosing Gurovich, Berk & Associates in los angeles,ca

At Gurovich, Berk & Associates we are proud of our experience and commitment to our clients. Our law firm has the dedication and experience to get the best possible outcome as we have done it hundreds of times before. Most importantly, we care about our relationship with every client.

Contact our experienced Los Angeles White Collar Crimes attorneys at (213) 385-1555 for a free consultation.


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