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Theft is committed when somebody takes something that does not belong to them with the intent of not returning it. It is a deliberate act of stealing someone else’s property.

Different Types of Theft

The two most common charges of theft are petty theft and grand theft. Recently, the definitions have been changing depending on the value of the item or items taken; however, the clear definition between petty theft and grand theft is that petty theft is considered minor in nature. It deals with things that do not have a lot of value. Grand theft deals with things that do have a high value.

Commercial burglary is slightly different to petty or grand theft in that it relates to theft which is premeditated and conducted in a commercial establishment. Someone may be walking through the aisles in a store and sees something that catches their eye, and they take it without paying. That could be considered petty theft or grand theft depending on the item’s value. However, if they walk into a store with a pocket knife or box cutters and use it to open up a box, take something out, put it in their pocket and get caught with it, that could be construed as commercial burglary. The prosecution can argue that they had the knife or box cutters prior to walking to the store specifically for the purpose of stealing something.

Weapon Use in Theft

When a weapon is used during the act of theft, it is called ‘robbery’. The crime escalates to a ‘violent crime’ because a weapon was used to threaten someone or to actually take something from them. In these cases the penalties are much harsher.

Stealing From a Business with a Bank on Premise

When someone steals from a business with a bank on site the crime charges escalate. Whether the crime is going to be charged as a bank robbery, robbery, burglary, or as petty or grand theft is fact-driven. The charge depends on what the evidence shows, what any video footage shows, and if there are any witnesses. Factors such as weapon use will also be taken into consideration.

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We understand that this is a very difficult time for clients. They may have committed the violation, or they may have been accused of something for which they are not responsible, and this is the time that they require an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Theft attorney to fight for them. Our Los Angeles law firm will fight for our client’s rights and make sure that they come out of this situation as well as possible.

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