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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Laws

There are two basic DUI laws. The first, Vehicle Code 23152(a), states that it is illegal to operate a vehicle while being impaired, either by consuming alcoholic beverage or drugs, to the point where you cannot do so safely. The other statute, Vehicle Code 23152(b), states that any person who drives a motor vehicle with .08 or higher blood alcohol content is guilty of DUI.

Driving Under the Influence Charges

Obtaining legal representation immediately after being arrested for DUI can be crucial to your case. There are several different arenas requiring representation here in California: first, within the court system defending the criminal case, and second with the DMV where there is an administrative hearing against the privilege to operate a vehicle in this state.

It is vital to hire an attorney experienced in DUI charges who has had specific training and has knowledge of the technical aspects of these types of charges. Our firm is able to request specific discovery from the prosecution and from the DMV, as well as conducting constitutional analysis of the evidence. We will analyze whether you were stopped properly, asked the right questions, correctly presented with the right tests to perform, whether the case was handled properly by the authorities, as well as other aspects of the case.

Only an attorney experienced in this field has the skills to thoroughly investigate and defend a DUI charge.

Long Term Effects of DUI Charges

DUI is a criminal charge. This means that, depending on the evidence and the outcome of the case, it may come up on a person’s criminal history check when they apply for employment.

The other effect to consider is the ability to retain a driver’s license. Many jobs require you to drive either to an office or to your workplace, or drive specifically as part of your employment. Having your driving privileges revoked can have a serious impact on all areas of your everyday life and cause stress and inconvenience for your family.

Our Experience

DUI attorneys at Gurovich, Berk & Associates have a combined experience of over 35 years, including experience with DUI charges. Our firm stays current and up-to-date on the latest developments and defenses, and are experienced in the latest techniques used by law enforcement in order to convict a person of a DUI.

Case Example:

We have just completed a case where we represented a client who was accused of a DUI. Our client was driving at night with headlights off, was speeding, and was over the .08 Blood Alcohol Level when she was pulled over. We managed to reduce the DUI to an exhibition of speed. One of the reasons was because a technical error was found in the police report; specifically, how the Field Sobriety Tests were administered and interpreted.

Choosing Gurovich, Berk & Associates for Your DUI Attorney

We believe our firm would be the best choice in DUI cases because we will not pass our client along to an associate. Dmitry Gurovich and Elon Berk handle the cases themselves. Our DUI attorneys make all of the tactical decisions, and are the only ones who negotiate the entire case or its key aspects in Court. We ensure that our clients are confident that their cases are being handled by an experienced  criminal defense attorney rather than being passed to a new, less experienced associate.

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