Infamous Sex Criminal “Poster-Child” for Trial Rehab Program

- Dmitry Gurovich

One of California’s most notorious sex offenders has been released from a California mental hospital as part of a state-run trial rehabilitation program.

64-year-old Christopher Evans Hubbart was allegedly  involved in a string of sex crimes including sexual assault in the 1970s. At the age of 21, Hubbart plead guilty to a number of sexual assaults and was confined to a state hospital. There he was classified as “mentally disordered sex offender”. Hubbart was released and convicted again of burglary, rape, and other crimes in 1979.

Experimental Treatment Going “Far Better Than Expected” 

In 1996, prosecutors in Santa Clara County asked that Hubbart be sent to a state mental hospital as per the state’s new Sexually Violent Predator Law. 

560 sexually violent predators are locked up in California’s state hospitals each year. Only 34 of these individuals, one being Hubbart, have been allowed to leave the hospital for the final stage of treatment. Part of this final stage of treatment includes:

  • Intense counseling and group therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • GPS monitoring
  • Guarded and watched 24-hours a day

Hubbart now has every legal right to rejoin society. According to California Penal Code 3000 PC, the rehabilitative process in which Hubbart is participating is going as it should:

“The Legislature finds and declares that the period immediately following incarceration is critical to successful reintegration of the offender into society and to positive citizenship. It is in the interest of public safety for the state to provide for the effective supervision of and surveillance of parolees, including the judicious use of revocation actions, and to provide educational, vocational, family and personal counseling necessary to assist parolees in the transition between imprisonment and discharge.”

What to Do If Accused of a Sex Crime 

Sex crimes are taken very seriously here in the United States, with penalties ranging from a jail term sentence to a life in a federal prison. Because being accused of such a crime can be highly emotional, the accused are often quick to try to defend themselves, without calmly evaluating the situation and considering the evidence.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, the first step you or a loved one must take is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney such as one of our lawyers here at Gurovich, Berk & Associates.

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