Drug Crime Defense Strategy for First Time Offenders

- Dmitry Gurovich

Thousands of people in the United States are arrested for drug possession every year, many of whom don’t have any criminal history. Mere possession of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and other controlled substances may constitute a crime.

Depending on the quantity of drugs found, and other circumstances surrounding the possession, the accused may face more serious charges, such as drug possession with intent to distribute. If this is your first time to face a drug charge, it’s absolutely important for you to speak to a criminal defense attorney about drug crime defenses available in your case.

Drug Crime Defense Options

Challenge how evidence was obtained: In any criminal case, the prosecution has the burden of proving the guilt of the defendant using admissible evidence pursuant to criminal rules of procedure. It’s possible to challenge the legality of the search that preceded any alleged discovery of drugs or prohibited substances. If a search was conducted without your consent and without a warrant, any evidence obtained as a result of that search may be challenged as being inadmissible in court.

Diversion programs: Under California Penal Code 1000, deferred judgment is available for first-time offenders for simple possession. For cases involving small amounts of drugs, the charges may be dropped and the record of conviction may not be recorded upon the successful completion of a rehabilitation program.

Diversionary programs can help a defendant avoid a criminal record which can significantly affect a first-time offender’s chances of finding gainful employment.

Importance of Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug crime charges carry harsh penalties involving jail time and the payment of fines. With mandatory minimum sentencing laws, the potential jail time may be raised even for first-time offenders. Gun possession in connection with a drug offense can increase the punishment for the defendant.

An experienced drug crime defense attorney can evaluate your case, examine the charges, weigh the evidence against you, and determine appropriate defenses in your case.

If you or a family member is facing a drug crime charge for the first time, it’s important to speak to your criminal defense attorney about your case.

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