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Van Nuys is a community located in the central San Fernando Valley and is part of the City of Los Angeles in California. Founded in 1911, the town was named after one of its developers, Isaac Newton Van Nuys. Though originally part of Los Angeles, it was annexed in 1915 once the building of the Los Angeles Aqueduct was completed and the district was able to receive sufficient amounts of water for growth.

Van Nuys: A City Divided

In 1991 Los Angeles City Council member Marvin Braude re-designated a 45-block area within Van Nuys and that area became a part of Sherman Oaks. Some of the residents of this area argued that they should have never been considered as being part of Van Nuys, presenting numerous original deeds that stated their property was listed as being in “Sherman Oaks”. Many of the residents in the area were upset about the re-designation and wondered about what would happen to property values in the area.

While bodily injury has not been a part of the recent division of Van Nuys, some individuals in the community have been accused of aggravated assault.

Simple Vs. Aggravated Assault

One quick look at the crime mapping of Van Nuys which is regularly compiled by the Los Angeles Times reveals that aggravated assault is one of the most common crimes to take place within the area’s borders.

In many states, the criminal laws will define an assault as being either:

  1. Simple
  2. Aggravated

A simple assault is most commonly defined as being any wilful attempt or threat made by an individual to injure or inflict harm upon another person. This type of assault can be committed without having to actually strike or cause bodily harm. A simple assault, however, can escalate to being an aggravated assault, such as if the person is making a threat while holding a deadly weapon.

An aggravated assault is a felony. Someone who is accused of aggravated assault has likely struck a victim and caused serious harm, or they may have had the intent to commit a serious crime (i.e. rape).

Being accused and convicted of assault can lead to anywhere from 6 months of jail time in a county jail up to 20 years in prison. Our Los Angeles Assault Defense attorneys at Gurovich, Berk & Associates work tirelessly to protect the rights of individuals accused of such crimes and have handled numerous cases from simple and straightforward to layered and complex.

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