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The city of San Fernando is located within the San Fernando Valley and is situated in the north west corner of Los Angeles County, California. The city and valley is named after the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana. Though originally Mexican land, San Fernando became a part of the United States after a land grant was settled.

San Fernando is completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. When the Los Angeles Aqueduct opened in the 1910s, almost all of the surrounding towns quickly agreed to annexation by Los Angeles in order to have access to this plentiful water supply. San Fernando, however, had an abundant amount of groundwater, which allowed the city to remain independent from Los Angeles.

Drunk Driving in San Fernando and All of California

San Fernando is well served and is connected by a number of major highways and byways including:

  • Interstate 5 (Golden State)
  • Interstate 210 (Foothill)
  • State Route 118 (Ronald Regan)
  • Interstate 405 (San Diego)

Unfortunately, those driving along these roadways are often accused of drunk driving and DUIs. The good news is that the number of reported DUIs are decreasing by the year. The bad news is that DUIs or DWIs are still involved in 63.5% of motor vehicle related deaths according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

You Do Have a Defense with a DUI Charge?

The criminal defense attorneys at Gurovich, Berk & Associates have handled a variety of cases which involve DUIs and have had punishments significantly reduced or completely eliminated because we were able to build up a concrete defense against the DUI charges.

Some defenses we may explore include:

  • You weren’t operating a vehicle. You must be driving a vehicle in order to be charged with a DUI. If you are parked and intoxicated, you may be able to argue against your DUI
  • You were given no Miranda warnings. Every driver should be provided with his or her Miranda warnings (i.e. “You have the right to remain silent…”). If the officer failed to recite the Miranda warnings or recited them incorrectly, you may be able to exclude some if not all evidence at trial
  • The breathalyzer was faulty or poorly maintained. While most clients cannot prove this on their own, our law firm Gurovich, Berk & Associates can contact someone in our network of investigative experts who may be able to help you back up your claims

If you have received a DUI, remember that you are entitled to have the help of drunk driving defense attorneyWe invite you to call our friendly and helpful attorneys at Gurovich, Berk & Associates to arrange for your free consultation today at (213) 385-1555.

Directions to our los angeles criminal defense Attorneys from San Fernando, CA

These directions are from Google Maps starting from:

San Fernando, CA

Total Est. Time: 37 mins

Total Est. Distance: 27.6 mi

  1. Head southeast on Truman St toward Kittridge St
  2. Continue onto Tiffany Ave
  3. Turn left onto San Fernando Rd
  4. Turn right to merge onto CA-118 E
  5. Merge onto CA-118 E
  6. Use the left 3 lanes to take exit 46A to merge ontoI-210 E toward Pasadena
  7. Use the right 3 lanes to take exit 19 to merge ontoCA-2 S/Glendale Fwy toward CA-2/Los Angeles
  8. Continue straight onto Glendale Blvd
  9. Use the left 2 lanes to turn slightly left onto W 2nd St
  10. Turn right onto S Beaudry Ave
  11. Turn left onto W 4th St
  12. Slight right toward W 4th St (signs for Hope St)
  13. Slight left onto W 4th St
  14. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto S Hope St
  15. Turn right onto W 3rd St
  16. Destination will be on the right

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