California Governor Signs New DUI Bill into Law, Effective 2019

Late last month, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new bill into law that is directly aimed at curbing drunk driving across the state. Under the terms of the new bill, any individual convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) is required to install an ignition interlock device (IID), or an in-vehicle Breathalyzer. The program, […]

Self-Inflicted Injury as Domestic Violence Defense

A former California Highway Patrolman was recently acquitted after jury considered his domestic violence defense that his wife caused her own injuries during an altercation. The case stemmed from a reported incident of an alleged altercation in the parties’ home. The defendant was later charged with felony domestic violence cases. Defendant’s Testimony During the trial, […]

Bill Seeking to Remove Statute of Limitations as Sex Crime Defense

Legislators at California’s state assembly recently passed a bill that aims to remove the time limit for bringing rape and sex crimes in court. Under existing California criminal laws, charges of rape and other sex crimes may be barred if these are not prosecuted within 10 years of the discovery of the offense. For similar […]

Suspect Arrested for Alleged Serial Assault of Homeless People

California has a history of criminal cases coupled with severe mental health cases. Just recently, San Diego police arrested a male suspect and charged him with various assaults allegedly inflicted on homeless people on different dates in July. Tagged as a “serial killer” in a string of attacks on homeless persons in the city, the […]

The Importance of a Vigorous DUI Defense

Many people enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner or a beer with coworkers after a hard day at the office. What most people don’t think about when they are relaxing with friends is how they are going to get home safely and legally after the fact. It’s all too easy to find yourself […]

Gun Crime Defense Upheld In BB Gun Case

The Supreme Judicial Court in Boston recently ruled that a BB gun allegedly used in a crime of robbery is not a ‘firearm’ under existing laws. The case stemmed from a jury conviction in the Superior Court where a defendant was indicted for several crimes including armed robbery with a firearm while masked. In 2011, […]

Suspended New Jersey Police Officer Receives Not Guilty Verdict in Drug Case

A police officer out of East Orange, New Jersey, who had been accused of running a drug dealing operation from her home, was cleared of all charges in Superior Court earlier this month. According to court documents, Rajheher Massenburg faced charges of official misconduct and conspiracy to distribute drugs, after being indicted in 2014. Authorities […]

California Cop Enters Not Guilty Plea in Gun-Related Case

A police officer who formerly served with the Oakland Police Department in California entered a not guilty plea to charges, including brandishing a firearm and false imprisonment, in early July. The officer, who had joined the Oakland police force back in April of 2015, has been charged in connection with an off-duty incident involving a […]

Auto Insurance Fraud Defenses

Fraud detectives from the California Department of Insurance recently arrested more than 24 people in connection with alleged auto insurance fraud. The suspects were held for various types of auto insurance fraud, which included allegations of: Staging collisions in order to defraud insurance companies Submitting fraudulent claims Intentionally damaging vehicles and claiming insurance proceeds for […]

New California Gun Crime Defense Laws

New laws and an amendment to existing gun crime laws took effect early this year. The legislative measures were enacted in response to tragic incidents in the previous year, including the killing of a Santa Rosa boy when police mistook his toy gun for a real firearm. Because ignorance of these new set of laws […]