California DA Drops DUI Charge in Case Involving Man Who Tested Positive for Caffeine

In late December, a California district attorney announced that a DUI charge had been dropped in a case involving a man who tested positive for caffeine after a traffic stop. According to court documents, the man was initially pulled over on Interstate 680 after an officer witnessed him weaving through traffic, nearly causing several collisions. […]

Lawmaker Gets New Court Date in Domestic Violence, Weapons Case

Last month, a South Carolina judge set new court dates in a case involving Rep. Chris Corley, who stands accused of a number of felony weapons and domestic violence charges. Corley was charged after a Dec. 26 incident at his family home, where he allegedly beat his wife before pointing a gun at her in […]

Intricacies of Assault Charges

It is not uncommon for someone to be charged with assault. An assault is an “attempted application of force.” This distinguishes an assault from its common counterpart: battery. Battery is a different crime and is the actual use of force or violence against someone else. These crimes are frequently confused but it is important to […]

Recreational Marijuana Bill Could Impact California Drug DUI Laws

With an election around the corner, California is preparing for a vote on Proposition 64 that could significantly impact drug-related DUI cases. Currently, Californians cannot legally possess, transport, or use marijuana for recreational purposes. Proposition 64 seeks to change that by legalizing recreational marijuana. According to the Proposition, marijuana sales will be taxed at a […]

Momentary Possession as a Defense to Drug Charges

A former USC and Raider quarterback was recently charged with having methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in his possession, and other charges. According to reports, he was found in the backyard of a home, which was not his own, trying to dispose of a bag containing meth and marijuana. Transitory Possession This case raises an interesting […]

Process for Reducing Theft Felony Offenses to Misdemeanors

California’s Proposition 47 which was intended to reduce jail congestion has led to numerous applications for re-sentencing and reclassification of theft crimes and other qualified felonies. The new law is expected to benefit some 10,000 inmates who are currently serving sentences for non-serious and nonviolent crimes. Theft Offenses Reduced to Misdemeanors The offenses of Grand […]

Four Women Exonerated for 1990s Sex Crimes

In 1990, four women were convicted of sexual assaulting two children. They were convicted on the testimony of a doctor who testified that the children’s injuries were the result of satanic ritual common among lesbians. This doctor ultimately recanted her testimony in addition to other witnesses who were presented at trial. Based on this, the […]

All-American Football Star Charged with Theft

A former cornerback for the University of Oregon Duck’s has been arrested for theft, possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, and violation of his probation. The football player had been previously arrested for driving on a suspended license and arson charges. His mother claims that her son suffers from CTE, a chronic brain disease […]

No Gun Crime Charges for North Carolina Police Officer

Despite the controversy surrounding the case, a court in North Carolina decided not to charge a police officer for a criminal offense in the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Mr. Scott’s family claimed that he was reading a book in his car when the police decided to engage with him. Dashboard camera videos show that […]

Long Sentence Requested for Former Concert Promoter in Fraud Case

A former concert promoter who was responsible for staging major musical acts including Aerosmith, Elton John and the Rolling Stones allegedly ran his company as a profitable fraud scheme, federal prosecutors argued in a hearing last month. During the course of the hearing, prosecutors argued that the man, who stands accused of defrauding as many […]