Case Results

Jury Acquittal for Domestic Violence Charges

Our client, a former pro heavyweight boxer, was accused of violently beating his girlfriend. His case proceeded up to a jury trial, where we were able to get a complete acquittal of the Domestic Violence charges.

Jury Acquittal for Felony Embezzlement, Commercial Burglary, and Grand Theft

Client was charged for allegedly stealing from his employer over a long period of time.  After a lengthy investigation, this case was set for Trial.  After a 5-day Trial, the jury acquitted our client of all charges.

No Jail for Pharmaceutical Fraud (alleged worth $35 mil)

A federal indictment out of Puerto Rico, concerning a pharmaceutical company charged with defrauding over $880 million. Our client, allegedly involved, was charged with $35 million in fraud. No jail and we got him off on federal probation.

Federal Healthcare Fraud Case Dismissed

Our Client was charged in a conspiracy Federal Healthcare Fraud case.  She was an administrative assistant in a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) facility where the Government believed services were being rendered without any of the required medical necessity.  After many years of preparation for Trial, we were able to convince the Government that it cannot prove the case at Jury Trial.  As such, the Government voluntarily dismissed the case on the eve of Trial.

Felony Insurance Fraud

Two of our clients were charged with insurance fraud and were facing 5 years in jail. After settling their case, our clients went home, and with no jail time.

No Jail for Possessing an Illegal Firearm

A cop arrested our client, finding an illegal firearm, ammunition, and cocaine. After our investigation, the Prosecution agreed to Probation and NO JAIL!

No Jail for Possession of 287 Pounds of Marijuana

Our client was arrested for possessing 287 pounds of marijuana, charged with possession with intent to sell, and transportation of marijuana. We got him off on probation. He did not go to jail.

No Jail for Grand Theft Embezzlement of over $400,000

Our client’s employer alleged she embezzled $400,000 from her. Facing a potential 3-year jail sentence and hefty fines, she sought our assistance. Hearing her side of the story led us to speculate her employer’s claims. We administered an investigation to verify our theory. After factual analysis, we concluded our client’s employer was attempting to cover up his tax evasion crimes by transplanting his crimes onto our client. We presented our theory to the judge, and our client went home with no jail time.

No Jail for First Degree Burglary

Our client and his companions were charged with first-degree residential burglary. They entered the residence while the owner was present, which is a strike. Our client had also been previously convicted of similar offenses. He was looking at 9years in jail if convicted. We got him no jail time with 60 days of community service in spite of his previous convictions and the aggravating factors of his case.

No Jail for Health Care Fraud, Alleged Worth: $1 mil

Our clients were charged with health care fraud, worth over $1 million in acquired benefits. They were facing five years in jail and restitution fines. After settling their case, our clients went home on a minor misdemeanor and no jail. Our thirty years of combined experience and acquaintance with the Bakersfield County Courts made it possible for our clients to avoid prison.

Cultivation of Over 300 Marijuana Plants, No Jail

The felony charges were dismissed and reduced to a misdemeanor.

Domestic Violence Charges

An elderly couple, arrested for engaging in acts of physical violence, sought our assistance. We got their case dismissed before their scheduled Arraignment date.

No Jail for Child Care Assistance Fraud

Head of a daycare facility, our client was charged with committing child assistance fraud. We got her off on formal probation, reduced to a misdemeanor after three years, and most importantly, no jail.

No Jail for Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges

Our client allegedly attacked his mother and sister with a firearm. He was facing 4 years. He did not go to jail. We got his case dismissed after 18 months of successful completion of anger management classes.

No Jail for a Hit and Run

We got the case dismissed as an accident case.

No Jail for Welfare Fraud, $44,000 Alleged Loss to LA County

The case was reduced to a misdemeanor, our client did not go to jail, and went home on misdemeanor probation.

No Jail for Possession for Sale of Marijuana

Our client was charged with possession for sale of Marijuana. Case reduced to simple possession. He went home on misdemeanor probation.

No Jail for Health Care Fraud (Alleged Loss: $6 Million)

Our client, a well respected physician, was charged with Federal Healthcare Fraud for allegedly billing for services that were never rendered.  The Government alleged that the loss to Medicare was over $6,000,000.  The client was facing a maximum sentence of 10 years.  After a contested sentencing hearing, the judge agreed to sentence our client to only 18 months in a Federal Camp facility close to his home.

Arrested for Misdemeanor Interference with Police

On his trial day, we reduced the case to an infraction and $150 fine.

No Jail for Counts of Identity Theft and Grand Theft

Our client purchased items at a local mall using a fake ID and credit card. We got him off with no jail time and his case would be dismissed after attending 1 year of diversion.